The Vision


"Nothing more excellent or valuable than wine
                          was ever granted by the gods to man." 
- Plato

Greeks, it’s been said, were the first to produce wine.
Where else but in Greece can you walk in the footsteps of Dionysus? Or trace the poetic thread that connects the wines consumed in the time of Plato with the greatest Greek labels of today?
Wine has always been central to the enjoyment of life in Greece. It was Greeks, after all, who invented the epicurean concept of “symposium” – a convivial, wine-fuelled meeting of minds.

But the world has been missing out on the many splendid and varied wines that are produced in Greece’s singular landscapes.
Over 300 indigenous grape varieties grow across this sun-drenched country: from the prized Assyrtiko from the volcanic-ash-rich soil of Santorini; to the naturally-sweet Greek Muscats, renowned throughout the ages; and Nemea’s trademark Agiorgitiko variety, a red and hearty breed cultivated since antiquity in Homer’s “Vineyard of the Gods” in the Peloponnese.

Despite this mighty legacy, Greek wines have stayed in the shadows for a number of reasons, i.e. some tongue-twisting names and unfamiliar scripts on labels, to cite a few.
However, perceptions of Greek wines abroad are rapidly changing, thanks to a roving global appetite for ever-new tastes. Driving this is a new generation of modernist Greek wine producers who are skillfully blending age-old local traditional techniques with an eye to the future.

Hellenic wines have now finally emerged to take their rightful place in the spotlight.
Offering fresh and novel indigenous flavours and aromas, (alongside more commercially-familiar ones), these 21st century Hellenic wine heroes deliver excellent value and originality. Little wonder that Greek Wines have been scooping up awards in just about every corner of the globe – and enjoying great success on mainstream wine lists, as sommeliers strive to offer something different and unique to their patrons.
With Greek Wines tipped as the Next Big Viniculture Story, soon any successful wholesaler, retailer or vintner will enthusiastically offer their customers a hearty selection of Hellenic Wines.
At Inopolis, we are proud to be at the forefront of this exciting new era in the evolution of Greek Wines by making available to premium suppliers the very best of Greece’s vineyards.
We invite you to embrace along with us this intoxicating New Age of Greek Wines.
Stin yamas!

The Mission


"No poem was ever written by a drinker of water."  - Homer

Our mission at Inopolis is to champion the most high-quality and consistently excellent Greek Wines and to take them to market.

Sometime over the past 10 years, while no-one was paying that much attention, Greek wines got good. Brilliant, in fact.

And while legions of Greek wine lovers would no doubt prefer to keep that little bit of news to themselves, we at Inopolis simply couldn’t sit on it any longer.
We believe that the time is ripe for the rest of the world to experience the great joy, diversity, value and historic pedigree that only Greek Wines can offer.
To this end, we travel widely across the country and build close relationships with Greece’s most celebrated and award-winning wine producers, who are also turning out superb organic wines with enormous appeal.

 To elevate and enhance your inventory, Inopolis regularly sample their complete ranges. This allows us to present to you an expertly curated and continually updated portfolio of the best mid-to-high market Greek wines, which represent the most hidden-value and hard-working Greek labels.

Greek Wines consistently earn the “wow effect” at blind tastings. Wine connoisseurs are consistently surprised, as are the almost 30 million tourists who imbibe the rich variety of Greek wines while on holiday in Greece.
Why the surprise factor won’t last for too much longer…
The wine world is constantly thirsty for the next big thing; the next untapped territory. Current trends show that what people are really looking for are wines with distinct character and authenticity that show a sense of place. And Greece, with its resonant 3,500 year-long relationship with the grape, writes the perfect backstory for the prevailing mood.
Inopolis is your connection to this rapidly growing market for Greek Wines. With our curated boutique collection, we have opened the doors for our excellent Greek varieties to travel all over the world.
Greek Wines make a fantastic story. With Inopolis as your passport, we’re here to help you tell it – and sell it.